10 octubre, 2011

That Libya would not let you know

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By: Alfredo Embid  
Before the “humanitarian war”, Libya was the first country in Africa on health, education and gender equality. Today is the first death and suffering a health crisis.

Massacres and health crisis

In August, Christian Balslev-Olesen, UNICEF’s office in Libya announced that “the intense bombing of Libya’s water infrastructure by NATO could become an unprecedented health crisis.” (1)It is exactly what is happening. A month after the health situation of the Libyan population is plunging into an abyss where access to basic necessities of life disappears.

According to reports from a clinic in the city of Harawa, a few miles outside Sirte, a large number of families have small children suffering from diarrhea and vomiting. Rybakov Valentina, a Ukrainian physician who has worked in Libya for eight years said: “Most patients who come to me are the children. I saw 120 patients from the morning and 70 percent of them were children. This is a crisis the great humanitarian. We are trying to get help from around the world, but the main problem is that these people have no access to clean drinking water. “(2) 
Access to clean drinking water! something that all Libyans were insured and free up even though Libya is a desert, before the “humanitarian intervention” by NATO. (3) 
In two weeks leading Sirte besieged and constantly bombarded by NATO, there is no water, no medicine, no proper food for a population of 100,000. 
The humanitarian disaster is not accidental is largely premeditated collaboration with NATO. The rebels have surrounded Sirte intentionally to cut the electricity and the flow of supplies such as food and gas for cooking in an attempt to literally “starve the city to submit”. (4)

According to Dr. Mego Terzian, director of emergency programs MSF-France (Doctors without Borders): “We were told that the hospital was overwhelmed with wounded …. There are emergencies, pediatrics, gynecology, and patients with untreated chronic .

We talked about the enormous difficulties the lack of electricity, water and basic medicines to keep the emergency operation, including anesthetics, antibiotics, analgesics, and blood bags. “(5)

The representative of MSF, said doctors in Sirte had contacted the group asking for emergency medical supplies, but the National Transitional Council had “forbidden” MSF volunteers to cross through the siege lines to help population.

It is ironic that this situation MSF denounce a French organization while the French aircraft bombs that have caused still falling on Libya.

MSF was founded by Bernard Kouschner who later became one of the perpetrators of the massacres committed by NATO in Kosovo. (6)

There have been reports that the interim relief for 10,000 people near Sirte, but the fighting has prevented the UN to send trucks with food, water and fuel for ambulances to evacuate the wounded. (7)

A Red Cross convoy consisting of two trucks and two 4 × 4 vehicles, carrying supplies and headed for the besieged city of Sirte was forced to return early Monday.(8)

Civilians attempting to flee the city are reporting that NATO and the rebels, not Gaddafi, are committing genocide against civilians in Libya. (9)

Several inhabitants of the areas bombed by NATO, gave their testimonies about the critical situation in the city:Sami Abdurrahman, 64, from the road towards Sirte, two hours the Libyan capital, Tripoli:

“No food, no medicine, and every night for five or six hours, NATO bombed buildings of all kinds … They have killed hundreds of women and children like animals. “

“The people who is going to fight to the death,” one refugee said, adding that there is a hospital opened in Sirte, but without drugs. (10)

See end 2 Videos Sirte Hospital (11).

According to the International Committee of the Red Cross, the denial of humanitarian assistance is a crime under international law. The Red Cross adds, “is not necessarily a slaughter perpetrated by arms alone.” (12)It is also perpetrated by preventing aid from reaching those affected as they are doing the forces of “new government”, attacking civilian targets such as water and electricity supplies, which is precisely what NATO has done for months. (13)In their noble task of “protecting people” tearing children has dropped bombs on children’s hospitals including Bulletin No. 382 (14)Sara Flounders, anti-war International Action Center, said (in a video that included the end) NATO is constantly bombarded Sirte who plays a key role. “This is a NATO war, where so-called rebels is an auxiliary force has been unable to make any ground on their own … This is overwhelmingly a war against civilians. “(15)

Paradoxically, the same civilians who allegedly are protecting NATO (as mandated by the UN), the bombing of the Libyan government that never were bombed all day. (16)

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya during his mission in Tripoli that nearly cost him his life (17)   he said of the criminal NATO attack: “They have carpet bombed the country … its deliberate tactic was to create a humanitarian disaster, with no respect for human life” (18)

Before Libya was the first country in Africa on health, education and gender equality.

It is important to know that before the “humanitarian war” of the people in Libya NATO had a high standard of living. The best by far in all of Africa for what was called “the Switzerland of Africa”. 
“Unlike other countries that have undergone a revolution, Libya is very rich and free education, medical care is free and the conditions for women are much better than in other Arab countries.”Do you think it Gaddafi government propaganda?Not 
This was stated by journalist Yvonne de Vito referring to the revolution that Gaddafi and other Libyan performed, not the cheesy current revolution orchestrated by NATO (19)Free access to healthcare.According to WHO “All citizens have access to free public health care. The government was substantially increasing the budget for the development of health services.” (20) 
The country has made ​​significant progress in terms of public health recognized unanimously by all UN agencies that put Libya in the first place African countries regardless of some discrepancies in the figures.A particularly important fact is that since 1980 the infant mortality rate dropped dramatically. 
The infant mortality rate under 5 per 1000 live births decreased from 71 to 14 in 2009. (21)According to WHO, life expectancy at birth was 72.3 years (2009), one of the highest among developing countries.Life expectancy increased from 61 in 1980 to 74 today. (22)

Summary table: Life expectancy and mortality. (23)

Overall life expectancy at birth72.3 yearsLife expectancy of males at birth70.2 yearsLife expectancy at birth women74.9 yearsNewborns with low birth weight4.00%Underweight children4.8%Perinatal mortality rate per 1,000 total births19Neonatal mortality rate per 1,000 total births11Infant mortality rate per 1,000 live births14Infant mortality rate under 5 per 1,000 live births20.1Maternal mortality rate per 1,000 live births23The life expectancy (24) in 2010 was even greater: 74.5 according to data from HDI Human Development Index, 2010 (25).

Human Development Index (26) measures the development by combining indicators of life expectancy, educational attainment and income in a single statistic which would serve as a frame of reference for social development and for the economic, shows the position of each country in relation to these target values ​​expressed as a value between 0 and 1.

According to the Human Development Index, Libya again ranked first in all African countries. In the general index of the world’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya 0.755 ranked No. 53.

By comparison with other African countries 
DRC is ranked No. 168 
HDI of 0.239 and a life expectancy of 48 years.Zimbabwe is ranked 169 in HDI of 0.140 and a life expectancy of 47 years 
Not classified Somalia with a life expectancy of 50.4 last year, now is certainly much lower.For all sub-Saharan Africa’s average life expectancy of 52.7 years.This positioning of Libya at the head of Africa is not new.

In 1999 before the embargo was lifted in April 1999 and despite it, Libya was the African country with better living conditions on the continent (27)

Had the largest number of physicians: 1.28 per 1000 inhabitants in 1997, was now the first African country in the HDI Human Development Index, ranking 72 of the world, ahead of countries like Brazil and well ahead of next African country South Africa was ranked 103. (28)

Today was ranked 53 of the Human Development Index, is better positioned than any other African country.

Will you say that this is because Libya has oil?

No, in Africa there are other countries that have oil Algeria, Somalia, Nigeria but they have these results.Even compared to other countries with even more oil as Saudi Arabia.For example Libya also is ahead of pro-Western dictatorship, the wealthy Saudi oil in the human development index:Libya is ranked 53 while Saudi Arabia has the number 55 and that despite the dollar gross national income per capita was 24.7 in Saudi Arabia while in Libya was 17 (29)

When the infant mortality rate dropped to 17 deaths per 1,000 births in Libya, Saudi Arabia was 21 (30).

Libya ahead of them because affluent Saudi royal family who own the country income does not invest in improving health and living conditions of its population as did the Libyan government. By contrast, the House of Saud has been one of the instigators of the past Gaddafi assassination attempts by funding terrorist groups linked to Al Qaeda, from the current war against Libya and the return of the monarchy. (31)

Free access to education

The country had the highest literacy rates and enrollment in colleges and universities in Africa.(32) and is quite remarkable that an equal proportion of enrollment in primary education for children. Even the rate of enrollment in higher level education (post secondary and university) was higher in women.

Literacy rate89.00%Men94.00%Women83.00%Young people who can read and write99.90%Gross enrollment in primary education for boys and girls97.00%Enrollment rate in higher education (post secondary and university)54.00%Enrollment rate in higher education (post secondary and university) men52.00%Enrollment rate in higher education (post secondary and university) women57.00%
These data come from UNESCO [33] and the World Bank is not particularly enthusiastic about Gaddafi’s Green Revolution, but has no choice but to recognize their achievements: “In a relatively short time, Libya was able to provide universal access to primary education with 98 % and 46% in the high school level. In the last decade, the number of women increased by 12% at all levels of education. Primary and secondary school, girls have surpassed 10% for men. “
As in the case of health this development is not the result of the last decade, much earlier. (34)

Libya already had as many school children from 13 to 17 years: 79.1% in 1991 and the enrollment reached grade 3: 20%. School children before the war had reached the 97% which clearly indicates that the trend has only improved.

Libya had the least amount of illiteracy in 1991, men (only 9.8%) and women (33.1%). As you can see literacy has improved to 97% today which leaves only 3% of illiterates among the Libyan population.Gender EqualityThe situation of women in terms of illiteracy is the most remarkable and had improved significantly from 67% in 1991 to achieve literacy by 83% last year. Even in university education, more women than men 57% 52% (35)

As you can see on the progress on the road to gender equality Libya is at the head of all African and Arab countries.

This has to be recognized by international bodies such as the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP for its acronym in English) who certified that “Libya has also made ​​significant progress in gender equality, particularly in the fields of education and health. With an “index of gender inequality” relatively under the UNDP puts the country in the 2010 Human Development Report regarding gender equality in position 52 and so far ahead of Egypt (located in the 108), Algeria (70 ), Tunisia (56), Saudi Arabia (128) and Qatar (94) “(36).

In addition to all education, like health, is free for everyone, including migrants. All these achievements of the revolution were achieved without going into debt with the World Bank or the IMF, ie without getting caught by one of the mechanisms that promote order submission to the financial elites and the consequence is always the impoverishment of the peoples.

Access to basic food  The Libyans were well nourished with a daily caloric intake of 3,144 calories per capita (37).Malnutrition before the invasion was only 5%.The world food crisis of recent years had little effect on the Libyan population in contrast to other African countries where there has been a dramatic increase in hunger and death due to malnutrition. 
This situation is worsening as recognized by the World Bank President Robert Zoellick said in a statement April 2011: “the price of essential foodstuffs had increased by 36% compared to last year.” (38)

How was this possible?Canadian cross economist Michel Chossudovsky explains you: (39)“Libya was one of the few developing countries that maintained a system of price controls on staple foods. The Libyan Arab Jamahiriya had introduced a system of price controls on these products, which was still in force at the beginning of the war waged by NATO. While rising food prices in neighboring countries such as Tunisia and Egypt have led to social unrest and political dissent, the system of food subsidy remained in Libya. This is confirmed by several specialized agencies of the United Nations. “

The green revolution initiated Libyan Gaddafi government could do all this because before the war, had no debts. And he had no bank debt primarily because the Libyan government actually belonged to, not as Western banks that belong to private magnates as Rothschild or Rockefeller.

And this despite the embargo that caused the loss of billions of dollars to the Libyan economy since the 90’s to 2000.Not only was not a debtor but also to Libya was a creditor country that invested in neighboring African countries in local development projects (infrastructure, communications, agriculture) that benefit the population. And he did grant loans without interest or with very low interest rates that choked the economy of these countries as they make loans from the IMF. (40)

The solidarity of the Libyan government said outside of Africa for example Libya was the first to provide humanitarian aid to Serbia after the end of Operation Allied Force in 1999, (41) where NATO destroyed Yugoslavia. Like Libya, Yugoslavia was “too independent”, refused to bend to multinational order promoted by the IMF and NATO defended. As the war in Libya was preceded by a deceitful campaign of demonization of his government and was contaminated with uranium used in bombs.I have focused on the health aspects of Libyan society and education because this directly affects health. But are these the only differences with the other African countries.

Do not forget that in 1969, when Colonel Gaddafi took power after overthrowing the king Idrish through a bloodless military coup supported by the majority of the population, Libya was one of the world’s poorest countries. The few Libyans waving the flag of King suffering from severe amnesia instigated by the Gulf oil monarchies anachronistic.

The status of their populations in these dictatorships supported by the West is in stark contrast to the situation of the Libyan people in all aspects including the situation of women and freedom of expression. Women in Saudi Arabia are convicted of driving a car as has happened recently. Barheim peaceful protesters have been massacred and tortured by government troops backed by Arani Arabia and the UAE.

Gaddafi’s government has not only given to the Libyan people free healthcare and education but also water and electricity free of heavy subsidies on basic foodstuffs. The Libyan people enjoy the highest living standards in Africa. Most of the Libyan families owned their own home and your own car (42). In addition, these acquisitions were funded in part by government-owned bank with low interest. Each new young couple received $ 50,000 interest-free so they could build their new home (43). The bank rate is no proof that the government applies the Islamic law which condemns usury genuine, ie interest.

On the other hand thousands of immigrants were welcomed in the country and enjoyed some rights in many ways similar to those of the Libyans, as health and education, and respect especially evident by the Libyan government’s racist policy.

When exposing these facts a few days ago at a conference, someone asked during the conference for human rights in Libya.

Alucinarte to what extent is the propaganda of the media can blind people.

Is not the first human right the right to live first measured by infant mortality and secondarily by the life expectancy?

Are not human rights access to education, clean water and basic food?

Not to mention that the main organizations that defend human rights have played a nefarious role in this war (and other) hiding the facts such as Human Rights Watch and others funded by George Soros and his Open Society and the NED. (44)

Worse, they have instigated the war from the beginning as is the case of the Council’s human rights (UN Human Rights Council) from its headquarters in Geneva comfortable as he explains in an excellent article by the Canadian journalist Mahdi Global Research Darius Nazemroaya. (45)

You might wonder If Libya was the Switzerland of Africa, so he transgressed the Libyan people?.Good question

The answer is that they never rebelled.

Gaddafi enjoyed popular support between 90 and 95%. (46) The manifestations of more than a million people held in Tripoli and other cities during the bombings bear this out. Of course not you taught them on TV but you can see them here. (47)

As we documented in February the alleged “popular uprising” was a fraud (see the final list of published articles).

All this being enjoyed by the Libyans (and black African immigrants), is going to hell because of “humanitarian intervention” by NATO and all the stupid or criminal, left and right, have supported his version liar of events that led to this catastrophe.

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By Dr. Abdul Ruff[44] Bulletin No. 374 delegitimize the entire African continent to the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC represents the international community and lacks all credibility. Embid Alfredo.[45] Libya and the Big Lie: Using Human Rights Organizations to Launch Wars. Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya. Global Research, September 29, 2011.[46] Thierry Meyssan: “I was sont tribes libyennes August 7 rally … 
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Bulletin No. 375 Libya, which does not tell you or show you.
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